Styling with John Craig & Current

DSC_0002Have you gotten styled by John Craig and Current yet, well if not what are you waiting for?! Calling all gentlemen, John Craig and Current are two very tasteful winter park stores located on Park Avenue in Winter Park Florida. I had the pleasure of getting styled in some amazing John Craig clothing as well as meeting the store owner, and the amazing women that keep this sophisticated store running.

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As I entered John Craig I was immediately engulfed into class. The store, even from it’s furniture to the designs of their commodities, were neatly placed in a particular manner. John Craig’s store is very much in touch with the well-dressed and very dapper man. Silk lined blazers and ties filled the store’s walls.

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Steam flattened pants, as well as an array of tailored colorful dress shirts were seen neatly folded in shelves. Shoes of every kind for every kind of man were on display for the visitor’s liking. One of my favorite pieces that were displayed was a very dapper piece on a mannequin.

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It was a dark blue perfectly fitted suit, even perfectly fitted for a mannequin.  A very colorful but subtile purple tie was placed in between the jacket and dress shirt, and accents of feathers were sticking out of the suit’s breast pocket. With all the amazing Men’s fashion, I had to try a couple items on. John Craig’s amazing stylist Denise decided to whip up a little combination of items for me. A navy blue suit jacket with a colorful blue themed undershirt, dark gray jeans, and a pair of amazing brown dress shoes-amazing! Schedule a styling session today at John Craig

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      With all the amazing suits and dress pants, I decided to stop by Current, whom is by the way right next to John Craig. Current is a very trendy and upbeat store, geared towards the casual but very put together look.

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Cool colored book bags, and graphic tees were neatly placed around the store. The walls were scattered with amazing photography pieces and trendy watches were on display for clients.

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Current’s everyday looks could be worn on practically any man. The pieces are very relatable and very much easy to wear. Even a few football fans could find their perfect fit in the store’s attire, as they offer an array of football team tees, including the very popular team Florida State.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.19.37 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.44.28 PMCheck out some of Current’s amazing looks as well at Current located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor