Download Latest Versions of Safari Browser for Windows PC Free

Safari is one the best Apple products which has another specification that will surprise people, it is a freeware. Safari is the web browser developed by Apple, don’t be disappointed, this works pretty good with windows as well. The features that come along with safari is just attracting to the users.

Speed is one of the special features of this browser, you might not get a chance to see the loading indicator let alone the buffering ones, the browser is two times faster than the others. The layout is very easy to navigate through, the interface is much more elegant than the others.

Safari browser for Windows Download free Latest version:

Bookmarks is another feature, you can organize the bookmarks in the same way as you do for the music in your itunes. So bookmark organization is very flexible. You will no longer be able to see any of the annoying pop ups, they all will be blocked once safari for windows is downloaded. To make the browsing faster without disturbing the existing windows, there is an option to open new websites in different tabs in the same window.

Inline find is a feature that allows the users to find a text. RSS is another feature of the app that informs you with the stuffs added to the pages that you visit frequently. This is a huge advantage, because the users will not always be able to go through the sites every now and then, they might forget to do at times, so it will be good to have a reminder.

Private browsing and history are other two benefits. It is obvious that you can’t remember all the websites you have searched till now. But have no worries, you can always get your searched websites in you history. If you know the approximate date and time of the search, it will be easy to get it because of the added advantage of searching history with the date and time, it could even be months back. Private mode browsing is for those purposes where you don’t want the search results to be reflected in the history of the browser. In this case, you will obviously remember the search, or else you won’t be asking for privacy.

Security is the best feature of safari, you will never face a problem of downloading a virus affected software, if it done through safari.

You can download it from online and install the browser from this site – https://safari.en.softonic.com/