Different Methods To Remove Tonsil Stones

Have you ever coughed out white or yellow substances from your throat that are hard and smell like hell? If yes, in all probabilities, you have seen what a Tonsil Stone looks like (and smells like!!) A tonsil stone is a yellow or a white formation on the tonsil stones or within them. These are hard and carry an extremely unpleasant odor because of the Bacteria and Fungi that feed on them. In most of the cases, people who have tonsil stones do not even get to know they have one. In other cases, these might cause discomfort to an individual and their strong odor can be a cause of embarrassment to many. For this reason, they might wish to get rid of the tonsil stones.

In the article below, we will discuss the various methods to remove the tonsil stones.

Different methods to remove Tonsil Stones

Since most Tonsil Stones are harmless, often people do not bother about removing them. But in case someone wants to remove them for their unpleasant odor or the discomfort that they cause, they have a number of treatments that range from simple home remedies to complete medical procedures.

We have discussed a few of these methods.

  • Gargling

A vigorous gargle with salt water can do much to ease the discomfort that Tonsil stones cause. It helps to help to dislodge the stones from the tonsil crypts and in several cases these might be washed away completely as well. Since it is salt water, it also helps to get rid of the unpleasant odor that is the result of tonsil stones. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water to gargle and get the desired effect.

  • Cough

People often realize they have Tonsil Stones, only once they cough them out. An energetic cough can loosen the stones and flush them out as well.

  • Antibiotics

In rare cases, even antibiotics are administered for the removal of tonsil stones. Their basic role is to lower the count of Bacteria that play an important role in the formation of tonsil stones. It is worth mentioning here that antibiotics can have certain side effects and they should not be consumed for very long periods.

  • Manual Removal

Manual removal of tonsil stones is not recommended at all since it can lead to complications such as bleeding or infections. Tonsils are delicate tissues that should be handled gently and carefully and hard and rough items like a toothbrush should never ever be used. If one really needs to comfort them and get rid of the tonsil stones, they can try using cotton Swab or a water pick.

  • Minor Surgical Procedures

In cases where the Tonsil Stones become particularly large, cause pain or have other symptoms, minor surgical procedures might be recommended. Some popular surgical procedures include:

  1. Laser Tonsil Cryptolysis
  2. Coblation Cryptolysis
  3. Tonsillectomy

Though rare, but a serious complication resulting from the tonsil stone is the infection of the tonsil, called the abscess.