Jet-setting with Air Unlimited

“And I won’t change by the glamorous”…oh no I won’t. This year has definitely been one for the books. However, nothing really tops it off then flying sky-high in a private jet. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a luxurious 15,000 sky-high tour of South Florida by the amazing private tourism airline service Air Unlimited, located in Sanford Florida. Air Unlimited offers an array of private air services, such as private charter tours, short-distance trips, and international flights. As I entered into Air Unlimited’s hanger, I was immediately greeted by their amazing team of captains and assistants. They were very friendly and inviting and gave us a brief rundown of what their company had to offer, and they even gave us some insight on some of their amazing stories and experiences that they’ve encountered. I was of course accompanied by one of my closest-blogger friends Annie from She actually informed me of the amazing company and their services, and I couldn’t have thanked her enough. As I entered the jet, I immediately took note of the plane’s plush leather seats. Miniature jet-like windows were scatted throughout the plane’s cabin, and small vents were on the jet’s ceiling to allow a cool breeze as we climbed thousands of feet in the sky. I couldn’t help but sip the delicious champagne the Air Unlimited crew provided me with as we soared across the Floridian sky.We eventually landed at a secluded location, which housed the most adorable restaurant. Our jet waited outside for us as we nibbled on some amazing foods, and eventually we made our way back to a parked-jet to take a smooth flight back home. Air Unlimited is simply amazing! And if you ever feel like traveling in the lap of luxury, make sure to book a flight with this amazing airline service today. – David Plowden Mod’s Manor.

You can find more information about Air Unlimited by going to the following link now:

Location: 4130 Centerline Ln, Sanford, FL 32773

Contact: (407) 585-4300