Park Avenue Fashion Week 15 Inaugural Brunch

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.12.18 PMPark Avenue Fashion Week’s Kick off Brunch was a perfect way to start off the most fashionable week of Central Florida. All the fashion lovers of Winter Park and Orlando came together to meet in the Alfond Inn, located in Winter Park, for an amazing brunch. The venue was breathtaking with a high skylight that lit up the entire room. Beautiful paintings were placed around the venues walls and tables were decorated so beautifully I was nervous to lift a fork. Michelle Marks and her team hosted the event, and did a great job as always. My table in particular was sat all of Park Avenue Fashion Week’s Brand Ambassadors. IMG_7518 As I sat with my fellow Brand Ambassadors of Park Avenue Fashion Week, we giggled and laughed, shared stories of our many fashionable ventures and took tons—and I mean tones—of photos. As the brunch continues an amazing musician caught everyone’s attention as he began to play with his musical instrument, a violin. The songs he played went perfectly with the scenery and venue. At one point me and my fellow Brand Ambassadors were so in love with the venue that we decided to go outside and take a few photos outside. As the event apporached the near end Michelle Marks decided to have all the guest wear Harriet Lake’s amazing hats. We all placed our own personally picked out hats on our heads and smiled for the cameras—Cheese! All and all this event was classy, musically inclined, and very tasteful. Michelle Marks could do no wrong! – David Plowden, Mods Manor, Photo Credit:

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