On set of “On the Mind of A Beautiful Woman”

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.51.31 PMA movie is coming to Central Florida, a very big one at that, and it involves many Central Florida natives as well—one including me! Well . . I’m just an extra, but one has to make their start somewhere right? “On the Mind of A Beautiful Woman” A film created, directed, and produced by Bigg Persona (John Fredrick’s) is set to premiere in Orlando Florida December 3rd 2015. The film itself has many glamorous and luxurious aspects to it, and as well it is quite the comedy sketch. Since I don’t want to give away the entire movie, I think I will just inform you of my own personal experiences with the behind the scenes action of the film. On November 1st, “On the Mind of A Beautiful Woman” filmed it’s last and final scene. Not only that, but the final scene was shot at an amazing mansion located in Winter Garden, Florida—soon to be my house of course *sarcastic chuckle*. As I arrived with my designated guest, Joyce Ward from Glorious Beautiful Hair who in fact is in the movie as well, slowly made our way into the Mansion’s foyer. The ceiling shot up 3-stories high, the walls were perfectly shaped in elegant designs, and there was an infinite pool in the backyard—let’s just say this wasn’t your normal suburban house. The entire cast and crew soon began to arrive, and amazingly there were some familiar faces there as well. Many Orlando and Winter Park natives were there, and to my surprise I bumped shoulders with Inna from Inna’s Design. IMG_0460It was lovely seeing Inna. Once Bigg Persona arrived the tuxedos and cameras began rolling. This particular scene was in the aspect of a high end and very glamours party. Everyone was stylishly dressed in glimmering gowns and tailored suits. I even snapped a few selfies of myself as well. The beautiful and gorgeous Russian Models of Inna’s Design were there as well and I just couldn’t help but to take photos of their beauty. Once the cameras began to roll everyone quickly got into character. IMG_0441It was truly an amazing experience actually diving into the film world for only a few hours, however I did in fact learn a lot. One major thing I learned about the world of Actors, Actresses, and Film is that nothing comes easy, and it isn’t as glamorous as it looks. It really takes practice, a sharp eye, and a little bit of luck to get that perfect shot. Bigg Persona and his crew however did an amazing job in directing the entire cast and getting each camera in the tiniest of corners. Bigg Persona as well has been since then on multiple news stations, one including Wesh 2 news, promoting the movie and informing the natives of Central Florida of how big the premiere is going to be—aren’t you excited! Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.19.17 PMThough I am a blogger, it did actually feel good to be an actor for just a day—well…an extra. *sarcastic chuckle* – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor

You can purchase tickets to the big red carpet premiere on December 3rd Here







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