New York Fashion Week Fall

img_1370“I can feel the Fashion in the air, I can feel it everywhere!” Thanks for tuning in Moders, I had the pleasure—the outstanding-astonishing-still trying to catch the little ounce of breath I have—pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week this year for their Fall 2016 show in the Big Apple. The amazing brand called Kyboe, pronounced like “Key-Bo”, invited me to their first ever fashion show in the states. Kyboe is a luxury European watch brand that has had their watches worn on many of the biggest celebrities and sold in many of the largest retail stores in the world; including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Dillard’s, and many more. As I managed to scurry my things together and make my way over to New York City, I was immediately engulfed in the mayhem that is of New York. As many of you may know I am originally from New York, so the large crowds and hostile yellow cabs hadn’t come as a surprise to me. It was Fall, which meant it was time to whip out some of your amazing Fall attire to sport as you strut down the corners of Broadway and 42nd street. However just one problem, New York was just as hot as any other southern state during the time of Fashion Week, which made it even harder for Fashion Bloggers, influencers, and all out Fashionistas and Fashionstos to sport their amazing Fall looks while still keeping cool. Luckily Armani, Bana Republic, and Zara had my back! I strung together an amazing outfit, encompassing a dark wine purple silk shirt, a pair of dark royal blue pants, and a gray designer belt from Calvin Klein. It was what I would call, Fall attire. img_1327Once I had arrived to New York City, I checked in into the Hilton Time Square Hotel, in the very heart of Time Square. My view was breathtaking! I gawked out my hotel room’s window as New Yorkers and tourist roamed the city’s streets. Kyboe’s fashion show was the very next day, so sleep was a must! The morning had come and I had strung together my Fashion Week outfit and made my way to Kyboe’s studio for an amazing fitting…a watch fitting! Kyboe had an array of designer watches on display for the Fashion influencers and bloggers that they had hand-picked for their show—I had the pleasure of being one. Not only were the watches to die for, but Kyboe img_1222graced all their hand-picked Fashion Influencers and Bloggers with a complementary watch to wear during the show and take home. I picked a dazzling gold encrusted black watch. Once our watch picking session had ended it was time for the show! “Calling all Fashionistas and Fashionistos to New York Fashion Week!” is what it felt img_1373img_1238 like. img_1375Every fashion heavy hitter and go getter were all making their way over to 33rd st, the entrance to New York Fashion Week. Once I had arrived I noticed the img_1265

img_1250enormous amount of photographers snapping photos of Models, Celebrities, Bloggers, and some even took a few shots of me as well. Once the paps had finished snapping every detail of every outfit they could find, we began to make our way into the Fashion Show. Lights, cameras, fashion . . . fashion everywhere. The show was amazing! Kyboe sent down the runway along with their immaculate models, a train of all their new designer Fall watches. It was quite a scene and was very unique and different. img_1273


I commend Kyboe for putting on such a tasteful and authentic Fashion Show this year for New York Fashion Week, and can only hope they decide to bring their gorgeous designer watches back again next year. After the show was over me and a few bloggers were mixing and mingling inside New York Fashion Week’s atrium, and could you believe that we bumped into the Fashion Police, while they were in the midst of tapping their show! We even scored a photo with Giuliana Rancic as well!


img_1268With all the fashion, watches, designers, and paparazzi’s!!! Me and a few Fashion Bloggers decided to have dinner at one of New York City’s greatest restaurants Bedford & Co. located on The Renwick, 118 E. 40th Street, New York. Bedford & Co. is a very upscale however down to earth restaurant. It was the perfect place for me and a few bloggers to retreat to after the parade of fashion we had just recently consumed. Bedford offers many different types of entrées such as Rigatoni, Burrata, and my all-time favorite…The Bedford Burger.



Thank you Kyboe, New York, and all the amazing individuals that manage to pull off the greatest Fashion Week in the world . . . David from Mod’s Manor truly appreciates it – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor.


Find some amazing designer Kyboe watches here:


And the amazing Bedford & Co. restaurant at: The Renwick, 118 E. 40th Street, New York.