Le Pavillon Hotel

The Le Pavillon Restaurant was one I found to be quite ravishing. More so the Hotel itself than the food, however the food was just as great. The Le Pavillon Hotel was the hotel that I stayed at during my stay in the New Orleans. It was my first time at the Hotel and I can assure you every time I go back to New Orleans, this will be where I will reside. I am in love with this Hotel! The beauty is timeless, the walls, the chandeliers, the curtains, the glass walls and high ceiling. I love it all! I am a sucker for amazing architect.There was also a beautiful restaurant in the Hotel as well. It was gorgeous! The walls shot 3 stories high, every table had placings that were set perfectly. The enormous fireplace that sat at the far end of the Hotel’s restaurant was lit, and the service was extraordinary. I can go on and on about how much I loved the Le Pavillon Hotel and how it made my stay at New Orleans even better, but I bet you wouldn’t be fond of reading that much, now would you – David Plowden, Mods Manor

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