Jasmine Sullivan Concert

Jasmine Sullivan is a true performer. She is an artist, and not the kind that uses auto tune to enhance their voice either. Jasmine Sullivan was coming to Orlando and had a show coming up aJasmine Sullivan - Mods Manor, David Plowdent the House of Blues, which is sort of like a club but not so much. It is more so like a small concert for artists that decide to have shows there. We made our way to Orlando and to the House of Blues. Prior to arriving we did have to wait a few moments before the show started, but once we entered and located our spots that we were going to be at the show had begun. Like most artist there is always an opening actJasmine Sullivan - Mods Manor, David Plowden. The opening act for Jasmine Sullivan was by a young artist by the name of Jordan. He sure has a talent and sung his heart out on the stage and also had a few dance moves as well. Once Jordan had finished his opening act it was time for the one-woman show to begin. The currents opened and there was Jasmine Sullivan as beautiful and voluptuous as she was. She began to sing and her voice literally mimic the voice you hear on her album. One of my favorite songs from her that she sung was “Bust Your Windows” which she talks about in the song how she was heartbroken by her lover, which caused her to literally bust the windows out his car. It was a great show and I would love to see her perform again. – David Plowden, Mods Manor

Jasmine Sullivan - Mods Manor, David Plowden