Inna’s Design


Meet Inna, a Russian Designer and founder of Inna’s Design who’s had a passion for designing since the age of 13. Inna is originally from Russia; therefore I was very pleased when offered to do a collaboration with someone of her nationality. As I approached Inna’s adorable boutique located in Winter Springs Florida, I took in all the amazing aspects of her design studio. Yarn, thread, mannequins, and fabric piled upon fabric—it was a designer’s haven. Inna is not only an up and coming designer in the Winter Park and Orlando area, but she is also an Emerging Designer for this year’s Park Avenue Fashion Show. She was actually picked as a finalist, one of the top 10 designers, and will be presenting her collection at the Park Avenue Fashion Show this Saturday, 17th.

David: “What is your dream goal at the moment? Once you have accomplished what you are required to do, where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Inna: “Right now, I would love to own a boutique on Park Avenue, in Winter Park. I think that would truly be an amazing accomplishment.” Inna was selected to be an emerging designer and she stated that she had completed 3 entire looks in only 3 days.

Inna: “Usually I can get an entire look done in 3 days if I work non-stop, some looks I can stitch together in a day.”


One thing I truly admire about Inna is the fact that she designs, stitches, and creates her garments from scratch. All of her designs are handmade and are altered as well to fit the client’s body type. Being from Russia, Inna at the age of 21 opened her first store with a staff of 12 members. She obtained many clients in Russia and soon decided to bring her talents to the states. She states that her family is very supportive in all that she does as well as her husband.

“My husband is so supportive. Some days I would be really focused on a design, and lock myself away. Once he sees me in design mode he would take the kids to the park or out while I go design.”

Inna stated while in Russia she had designed for multiple celebrities, and her aspiration as of right now would be to hopefully brand Inna’s Design so well that she would soon be designing and styling to the likes of Jennifer Aniston.


“I love her! I would love for her to wear my dresses one day. She’s so sexy and elegant and wears clothing so well.”

Inna has stated on multiple occasions that her favorite type of garment to design is a dress. “A glamorous red carpet look is my favorite and easiest item to create,” and she does them very well at that. As I roamed through her amazing studio I viewed many of her garments, and the first thing that caught my eye was the precision of each one. They were very well made with amazing detail to the stitch and sewing of each garment as well. Inna has in many ways incorporated her Russian roots into her garments, stringing together multiple colors and textures to truly bring her personality and culture to life.  It was truly an amazing time sitting down and speaking with Inna. She is adorable in person and a hard worker in nature.


Me: “What I love most about you is your skill. You design from scratch, each item, each stitch is yours. You design, create, and alter, and not a lot of designers can say that.” – David Plowden, Mods Manor

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Inna’s Design Contact:  (407) 716-7416

Instagram: Innasdesign