The Great Gatsby Event

IMG_2047Stuck in the 1920’s as some would say. I had the pleasure of attending one of the hottest events in Orlando recently! Yelp, a very reputable review company, was hosting a Great Gatsby themed event, and let me tell you…boy was it one for the books. You see i had never been to a Great Gatsby party, event, or anything as such. However I was more than happy once I had received the invite. I had scooped up one of my favorite bloggers here in the Orlando, Winter Park area, and decided to whip out my most dashing outfit for the evening.


I strung together an H&M leather blazer, with an Express Men polka-dot top, and a pair of smooth and very shiny black dress shoes. And to top the look off, I added the cane! The ultimate Great Gatsby cane! I mean come on, doesn’t it look 20’s-ish wouldn’t you say? Well you be the judge, but I had a blast!


The party was held at the Orlando Science Center, one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Orlando. With practically four floors of space, Yelp decorated the entire Orlando Science Center into a 1920’s soiree. Dancers were hanging from the ceilings, champagne bottles were popping, and I myself felt like The Great Gatsby for one-night-only. Yelp should in the near future think of throwing a Kardashian themed party as well…boy, that would be a sight to see – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor.