Food tasting at Midici

“Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia!” was exactly what I was thinking as my tongue touched the tip of Midici’s Italian Double Pepperoni Pizza. I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious food tasting at the coveted Italian restaurant Midici, located in Kissimmee Florida. Midici, a very popular Italian restaurant, offers an array of dishes that would fulfill any tastebud’s desires. Starting the day off, our first choice from the menu included a collage of appetizers. House Meat Boards, Wood Fire-Baked Truffle Cheese Bread, and a Prosciutto Di San Daniele Mozzarella Plate were only a few of the items we decided to indulge in. However, my personal favorite choice on the appetizer menu was the House Meat Board. A selection of cured meats with black truffle salami, rosemary ham, and gourmet pickles with mustard and wood fire-toasted Ciabatta bread were all organized elegantly on a Charcuterie board. Following the amazing appetizers was the main course. I decided to go with the classic Margherita Pizza, which is a crowd favorite at Midici. Practically over 300 years old, the Margherita Pizza is arguably the world’s most famous pizza, and Midici didn’t disappoint in their preparation of it either. I could taste Naples Italy in every bite. Along with the Margherita Pizza, Midici offers many other Neapolitan dishes. Their menu includes a Parmesan Pizza, The Prisoner’s Pizza, which is topped with fresh ricotta cheese slices, Rome’s Pizza, The Four Cheese Pizza, and another one of my favorites, the Egg N’ Bacon Pizza. This glorious dish is toped with smoked bacon, freshly cracked free-range eggs, oregano, parmigiano-reggiano, organic basil, wood fire-roasted fingerling potatoes, and organic non-GMO virgin olive oil. With all great restaurants, a dessert menu is only but a page away. Midici’s amazing chefs brung out a glamorous assortment of their most popular desserts, one being their signature—and very mouth watering—Nutella© Berry Calzone. A mountain of pure perfection is what I witnessed as their skillful chefs headed our way. The Calzone was engulfed in delicious berries, strawberries, and oozing Nutella©. I couldn’t help but to grab a knife and cut open the hand-tossed bread and watch as its inner ingredients slowly gushed out. Yum! Make sure to stop by Midici’s new location in Kissimmee Florida. Your tastebuds won’t regret it – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor.


Phone Number: (407) 201-3824

Address: 720 Centerview Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34741