Park Avenue Fashion Week’s Fashion Of Cocktails

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.11.33 PMWho doesn’t love a night of drinks and mingling with fashionable people. I sure do! Park Avenue Fashion Week’s Fashion of Cocktails was a perfect event for all the fashionable people of Winter Park and Orlando to get together for some drinks and talks. It was hosted at the Park Social, a very jazzy club, on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. Once I had finally found parking I began to make my way over to the club. Without surprise I was ID’d, I made my way up a long stairwell with dark walls surrounding it which shot straight up to a second or third floor. The entrance definitely gave off a night club vibe, which I liked! I bumped into all my lovely fellow Brand Ambassadors once I go there, never a dull moment with them. We laughed and began to circle the many tables of drinks that were on display. The event’s main purpose was for a group of Winter Park bartenders to compete for a spot at this year’s fashion show on Park Avenue. The winner would win the gig and be the host for the big night at the Park Avenue Fashion Week Show. Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.11.47 PM The winner was actually Park Social, because of heir amazing display of a cocktails, with some bacon accents in them as well. After the event, me and a few of my fellow Brand Ambassadors decided to go out to eat at Boca, a restaurant on Park Avenue’s strip. The food was amazing! Accompanied with us was a dear friend and the woman behind the boutique Forema Boutique, Ally Skye Dickson. What a great night it truly was and I was very pleased that I made it home in one piece after all those drinks! As well I had received many compliments on the jacket that I was wearing that night. It was a leather and very structured jacket form Zara. It’s actually on sale, so go to Zara now to get it! – David Plowden, Mods Manor  IMG_7962

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