Exclusive Dining at Disney’s Food & Wine Festival – Italy Pavilion

“Arrivederci! Arrivederci!” . . . or maybe I should actually be saying “Ciao!” either way they both sound cool. Recently I decided to sharpen up my Italian and took a trip to the big mouse’s house . . . Disney of course. Disney was hosting their annual Food & Wine Festival, and I just couldn’t skip out on it this year. Disney’s amazing PR team hosted a food tasting event in one of Disney’s most authentic food establishments, the Italy Pavilion, located inside of Epcot. The moment I stepped foot in the glamourous Italy Pavilion, I immediately smelled whiffs of European flavors. The Italy Pavilion’s Kiosk menu for Disney’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival offered an array of Italian signature dishes, and thanks to Chef Charlie Restivo from Via Napoli, I was able to explore the culinary depths of Italy’s most famous pizza dishes without even having to leave Orlando.   A few of the new dishes that I was able to indulge in was their delicious Spezzatino Con Polenta. The Spezzatino Con Polenta is a savoring and a delicious beef stew topped with parmesan and creamy polenta . . . Yum! Up next was one my favorites—mainly because it includes alcohol, their Absolut Penne, which is a shrimp drenched in vodka sauce . . . yes vodka sauce. Mixed in with this special vodka-like shrimp was pasta—and lots of it. Who doesn’t love shrimp dipped in vodka sauce though? Speaking of alcoholic beverages, the Kiosk’s menu didn’t only contain tasteful dishes and beautiful delectable treats, but authentic Italian wines were at my taking as well. A white Pinot Grigio was up first to quench my thirst, and following that was a Chianti red wine. There’s nothing better than Italian wine! The Italy Pavilion’s décor and architecture was something to admire even more than its delicious food. Italian arches, crown molding, European sculptures, and wallpaper than exudes the essence of Italy surrounded me. Thank you to the PR team at Disney for hosting such a memorable and tasteful event. Let’s just say when in Rome do as the Romans do, and if the Romans are drinking authentic Italian red and white wine, I’ll be doing the same. – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor


You can view the entire menu for the Italy Pavilion’s Kiosk food menu for Disney’s Food & Wine Festival below: