Glorious Beautiful Hair, Dillard’s & The Pink Bash Fashion Show

12042958_467617403418868_8955771785627684444_nThe Pink Bash Fashion show was for an amazing cause and I was so glad to be a part of such an amazing show. I was asked to collaborate with an amazing brand and company called Glorious Beautiful Hair & Modeling School, whom specializes in wigs, fashion shows, film, music videos and also donates 15% percent of their proceeds go to Base Camp, a non-profit children’s center for children with cancer that provides support for children and families that are facing the challenges of cancer—what an amazing thing!


Joyce Ward the founder and master wig maker of Glorious Beautiful Hair took note of my work and decided to bring me along as she began her journey into the Pink Bash Fashion Show. Joyce Ward from Glorious Beautiful Hair, whom by the way is a store owner and designer for Park Avenue Fashion Week 15, presented her collection this year at Park Avenue Fashion Week 15’s big Fashion show held on October 17th in Winter Park Florida. I had taken note of her amazing skills and talent the day of the show as I watched from the front row of her immaculate remediation of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and the amazing Josephine Baker who opened her collections segment.

12042871_467616550085620_5623753075074821081_nJoyce Ward used her talents and experience of nearly 32 years in the wig making business to perfect the looks of cancer survivors and her own brand’s models for the Pink Bash Fashion Show. Joyce is not only a hair/wig creator, she is also a modeling coach and has coached models from all around the world from California to Milan, so I guess you can say I was more than pleased to do a collaboration with Glorious Beautiful Hair and Joyce Ward for this event. Glorious Beautiful Hair was asked to present and complete wig styles for the major retail company Dillard’s for the Pink Bash Fashion Show held in Downtown Orlando in front of the Dr. Phillips center. Once I had arrived Joyce was in the middle of completing her work. She trained the models as well as the amazing cancer survivors for the show on how to walk the runway, look confidence, and show how cancer will not win the battle. 11226059_467617326752209_281344035865093722_n An amazing survivor by the name of Teresa had actually left Chemotherapy not hours before meeting up with Joyce Ward to have a wig styling session done for the show, but Joyce from Glorious Beautiful Hair quickly turned her day from good to great when she donated Teresa with a brand new wig free of charge on behalf of Glorious Beautiful Hair. Teresa was overjoyed and tears began to fall from the other models as they watched Joyce place the wig on top of her head and began to style it for her—I almost shed one as well :’( It was truly an amazing donation from Glorious Beautiful Hair, and it made the atmosphere even more amazing. Once the show had begun all of the models and cancer survivors made their way down to the Dr. Phillips center and they strutted their amazing styled wigs for the audience to see. Orlando Sentinel as well was there to capture every amazing moment.10174829_467617203418888_1151926617632932543_nJoyce Ward from Glorious Beautiful Hair is located on Park Avenue in Winter Park at 228 N Park Ave, Winter Park FL 32789 in the beautiful building called Shops on Park. Joyce has styled wigs for people of all walks of life as well as cancer survivors and even a young beautiful girl whom is also a survivor by the name of Lazhane Morgan, whom is actually from Base Camp Children’s Center as well. You can contact Joyce Ward anytime or set up a styling appointment for Joyce Ward of Glorious Beautiful Hair at: +1 407-450-866 7 or by email at:


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