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Cloud computing has been one of the hottest topics for IT managers in recent years, and many organisations are already introducing cloud services into their IT infrastructure. Getting the most from cloud computing software means changing the way you think about software delivery, through platforms such as software as a services (Saas), infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and platform as a service (Paas), not to mention the vital role of virtualisation. We follow the latest trends and examine how organisation are using cloud computing software.

  • E-Zine 02 May 2023

    The ethics of military AI

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, as the defence sector looks into using artificial intelligence to create autonomous weapons, we examine the risks and ethics of military AI. Amazon Web Services is under fire for not providing vital emissions data to customers – we investigate the issues. And we find out what IT security teams can learn from a year of cyber warfare in Ukraine. Read the issue now. Continue Reading

  • News 02 May 2023

    SAP eyes SMEs in Southeast Asia

    SAP debuts the Grow with SAP programme in Southeast Asia to drive adoption of S/4 Hana Cloud among small and medium-sized enterprises Continue Reading

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