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    Jet-setting with Air Unlimited

    “And I won’t change by the glamorous”…oh no I won’t. This year has definitely been one for the books. However, nothing really tops it off then flying sky-high in a private jet. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a luxurious 15,000 sky-high tour of South Florida by the amazing private tourism airline service Air Unlimited, located in Sanford Florida. Air Unlimited offers an array of private air services, such as private charter tours, short-distance trips, and international flights. As I entered into Air Unlimited’s hanger, I was immediately greeted by their amazing team of captains and assistants. They were very friendly and inviting and gave us a brief rundown…

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    Miami Swim Week 17

    Pablo . . . yes, Pablo was my Dominican name for the weekend of Miami Swim Week, because that’s exactly how I felt. I fully embraced the hispanic fever of Miami during it’s most fashionable week of the year. I mean . . . can’t you tell from all my Scarface like Pablo Escobar photos that I was totally indulging in the Spanish culture. This year was my very first time ever going to Miami Swim Week thanks to the amazing brand ART Hearts Fashion. They hosted an amazing fashion show that was held in the heart of South Beach Miami. Before I decided to dive into the cultural of…

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    Carnaval at Loews Sapphire Falls Hotel

    I can feel the island breeze . . . can’t you? I recently attended one of the most tropical ventures I’ve had this year, and the best part was I didn’t even have to leave Orlando. How great is that! Loews Hotels, one of the most prestigious hotel chains out there, recently conducted a private carnaval themed dinner at their newest hotel Sapphire Falls, located beside Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. As all carnaval-goers do, I brought along one of my closest blogger friends Annie, from AnnieAtoZ. We pulled together some very festive, colorful, carnival-like looks for the dinner. As Annie and I approached the entrance to Sapphire Fall’s carnaval…

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    A stay at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

    Gawk as I sit in the Lap of Luxury . . . for only a few days at least. Recently, I had the pleasure of tagging along with one of my favorite Lifestyle Bloggers in Central Florida, Annie A to Z, to experience an amazing stay at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, located in Orlando Florida by Universal Studios. One word people . . . AMAZING! The hotel’s design is inspired by the gorgeous country Italy, with Venice accents all throughout its landscape. This mini-vacation actually felt like I traveled across the entire globe, when I really was only a mere 30 miles from my home. The way Loews Portofino…

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    New York Fashion Week Fall

    “I can feel the Fashion in the air, I can feel it everywhere!” Thanks for tuning in Moders, I had the pleasure—the outstanding-astonishing-still trying to catch the little ounce of breath I have—pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week this year for their Fall 2016 show in the Big Apple. The amazing brand called Kyboe, pronounced like “Key-Bo”, invited me to their first ever fashion show in the states. Kyboe is a luxury European watch brand that has had their watches worn on many of the biggest celebrities and sold in many of the largest retail stores in the world; including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Dillard’s, and…

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    Oh Cali . . . how I miss you so. Yes, California people, in case you were wondering to what I was referring to. I decided to ditch Central Florida for a while to discover the deep and dark depths of old fashion Hollywood. I decided to take a week’s vacation to discover the world of Los Angeles, and the beautiful things that came along with it. Once I had arrived to California, we checked into our hotel and decided to take a brief tour of the city of Angels! The first stop was Beverly Hills California! We just couldn’t resist it, and decided to stroll along Rodeo Drive, one…

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    Las Vegas

    The next day we decided to explore the city, we walked the strip for numerous hours, and got to view the many hotels that lobbied the Las Vegas Strip as well. Surprisingly we got stopped by a club host whom actually invited us to go to a club that night. He had put us on his guest list for Free! The club was LAX, a very popular club in Las Vegas, and I witnessed why. Once we entered the club it reminded me of a scene out of a movie. The club was amazing! It shot up 3 stories high. Dancers on the walls and stairs, it was amazing, and…

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    Week at A Beach House

    I had the pleasure of staying at a beautiful Beach House located on New Smyrna Beach for an entire Week! Yes an entire week! It was amazing. The Beach House was on a private beach, therefore it was completely enclosed and there practically wasn’t anyone on the beach the entire time, except for our neighbors of course. Once we entered the house we were taken aback by the beauty of the view. The view was simply breathtaking and can only be described in those few words. It really was a sight to see, and not only a sight to see, but a sight to wake up to as well. Waking…

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    Miami Miami Miami, what can I say other than I loved my trip to Miami. My trip to Miami was in celebration of the 21st Birthday, and it was the best way to end my Golden Birthday’s week. I decided to spend the weekend of my Birthday in Miami with just my Family. Once we had arrived we checked into the Hyatt Coral Gables. It was a beautiful hotel, and the way it was designed was inspired by Spain. From the high arch ways and the amazing paintings of Spanish painters. I decided to take a little stroll around the hotel before we began our journey into exploring Miami. Our…

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    The Everglades

    This was my very first time ever in The Everglades. I have heard so much stories of it, but in all the years of being in Florida I have never once gone. I mean, most people aren’t as excited to see snakes and alligators, however I was. I practically had to drag my family to come along. Once we got to the 200 mile long swamp we retrieved our tickets and waited as our Speed boat approached us. Once the captain of the boat began to go, we were going practically 100 miles per hour! Just kidding, but it sure felt like it. My bowler hat almost flew off! Anyways, the…

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    New Orleans

    Of all the vacation trips that I have taken New Orleans was by far the most informative and creative trip I have gone on There is really something about the city of New Orleans, the thing that everyone talks about that has completely captivated me. Once I arrived into the city of New Orleans we checked into the Le Pavilion Hotel which is smack-dab right in the middle of New Orleans. I didn’t even have to rent a car since everything was in walking distance. I checked into my room, changed my clothes, and then went off to begin to explore New Orleans. I had many activities planned out for each day.…