Carnaval at Loews Sapphire Falls Hotel

I can feel the island breeze . . . can’t you? I recently attended one of the most tropical ventures I’ve had this year, and the best part was I didn’t even have to leave Orlando. How great is that! Loews Hotels, one of the most prestigious hotel chains out there, recently conducted a private carnaval themed dinner at their newest hotel Sapphire Falls, located beside Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.

As all carnaval-goers do, I brought along one of my closest blogger friends Annie, from AnnieAtoZ. We pulled together some very festive, colorful, carnival-like looks for the dinner. As Annie and I approached the entrance to Sapphire Fall’s carnaval dinner, which was hosted under an enormous white tent that sat on the hotel’s luscious green lawn, we were greeted by their amazing staff—who also doubled as amazing dancers and singers. They immediately drenched us with Hawaiian leis and beads and also sung some Hawaiian tunes as well. As we entered the gigantic tent, my eyes swiftly shot to the amazing display of dishes that were placed on clothed tables. An array of delicious Caribbean food was on display for our taking. Jerk chicken, pasta, plantains, yellow rice, pork, and even a pig—yes a pig! As many of you know I love to eat, therefore I had no problem in indulging into some of Sapphire Fall’s amazing Caribbean dishes.  After Annie and I finished stuffing our faces and stomachs as much as they would allow, the entertainment began. Dancers began to dance and sing on a stage that sat at the front of the room. The Cha-Cha, the hustle, and many throwbacks of the great Bob Marley were reenacted . . . “Every little ting is gonna be alright”.  Loews has managed to impress me yet again with their newest hotel Sapphire Falls. The amazing Caribbean food, music, clothing, and atmosphere mimicked that of a tropical paradise. Thank you Loews! – David Plowden