Brunch at The Alfond Inn

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.22.32 AMEveryone…I mean everyone knows I love food. My God-given talent is to eat food, it’s just in my nature. So when a few of my lovely blogger friends in Winter Park scheduled a Brunch for us at The Alfond Inn, located in Winter Park FL, I was more than pleased. The Alfond Inn is an amazing, and blogger friendly, hotel filled with glamorous arch ways, and luxurious leather sofas you can practically fall asleep on—literally. It’s the perfect place to have Sunday Brunch at if you’re wanting to eat in style. Once I had arrived to The Alfond Inn, the complimentary valet service had retrieved my car keys and escorted me to the table in which my fellow bloggers were seated. Orlando Fashion Girl, Annie A to Z, and Metanoia Living were already seated enjoying the amazing outside-view of the hotel’s scenery. IMG_0453The trees were green and the weather was perfect for an outside dinning experience—not too cold not too hot. Mimosas seemed to be the choice of beverage and after a bit of chatting our food arrived. A plate filled with sausage, soft pancakes, sunny-side-up eggs and a specialized toasted bread which I had never tasted before was there for our taking. It seemed everyone had taken a keen eye to our blogger ways as after a few moments a bystander asked to take our photo—how nice! With all the eating, chatting, and drinking going on, the day wasn’t over just yet. IMG_0443We decided to take a stroll down Park Avenue and made a pit-stop for a few glasses of wine at Luma On Park. A very upscale restaurant located in the heart of Park Avenue. We ended the day off with a final cheers celebrating yet another fantastic day in the WP – David Plowden, Mod’s ManorIMG_0457