Blogger Photoshoot

IMG_2416What’s better than linking up with a few fellow bloggers in your local community for an amazingly fashionable photoshoot. I mean, it doesn’t get more bloggerish, if that’s even a word, than that. On November 15th, a beautiful fall day in Winter Park Florida I had the pleasure of participating in an amazing photoshoot. The photoshoot was brought together by the amazing, glamorous, and classy blogger named Alpa, founder of A Parisian in America.
IMG_2418Alpa, who is originally from Paris, decided to bring together some members of the vastly large blogging clan here in Winter Park and Orlando Florida for some fashion, photos, and a plethora of laughs.  All of the photography was done by Samantha Eckhaus, from Corner House Photography. Samantha did an amazing job in capturing the contrast of colors, designs, and styles of each blogger. The first place we decided to take some snaps in was at Scout and Mollys, a store located right on Park Avenue in Winter Park. IMG_2421Scout and Mollys colorful and very much tasteful store was the perfect location to capture the many GQ poses I tried so hard to adapt. After we finished shooting in Scout and Mollys we decided to stroll the streets of Winter Park to take in the beautiful Fall weather. Just to our surprise a old fashion car show was going on at the same time of our photoshoot. Old fashion 50s and 60s styled cars were scattered all throughout Winter Park. We stumbled across this amazing white old fashioned car. I mean, we couldn’t NOT take photos in front of it. I hope the owner didn’t mind a few fashionable bloggers lounging in front of it. Check out some of the amazing photos from my recent Blogger photoshoot, and view a list bellow of all the bloggers I shot with that day and their many style choices. –  David Plowden, Mod’s Manor


My Styling
Jacket – ZARA
Shirt – ARMANI
Tie – H&M
Pants – CalvinKlein
Shoes – Bloomingdale’s

Venue – Scout & Molly’s of Park Ave
Owner – Liz Andert

IMG_2368 IMG_2349

Alpa Rama with A Parisian in America
Jacket – GUESS by Marciano
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Stuart Weitzman
Scarf – Urban Outfitters

Corner-House-Photography-55 Corner-House-Photography-20

Maria Wyatt-Uhl with Orlando Fashion Girl
Coat – H&M
Top – Vince Camuto
Pants – Estelle and Finn
Shoes – ZARA
Sunglasses – Cynthia Rowley

Corner-House-Photography-5 Corner-House-Photography-89

Melrose Elise with Décor Elise
Dress – Forever 21
Coat – Forever 21
Earrings – Forever 21
Shoes – Macy’s
Sunglasses – Scout & Molly’s of Park Ave

Corner-House-Photography-93 Corner-House-Photography-60

Paola Pou Aybar with Chic Paola
Top – Topshop
Skirt – ZARA
Faux Fur Coat – ZARA
Sunglasses – Dior
Jewlery – Scout & Molly’s of Park Ave

Corner-House-Photography-99 Corner-House-Photography-14

Yomalix Herrera
Jacket – Qmack
Dress – Forever 21
Boots – Pimkie
Jewelry – Forever 21

Corner-House-Photography-75 Corner-House-Photography-72