Fashionality interview with Christina Marsico

You’ve been cordially invited to the Manor today to sit down and speak with stylist and founder of Fashionality, Christina Marsico. I’ve known Christina for sometime now, and since the first day I’ve met her I’ve always admired her sense of style.

I was more than excited when I was given the chance to sit down and speak with her inside of the amazing retail store—and one of her favorite go-to-places—The Loft, located in The Mall at Millennia in Orlando Florida.

David: “First to begin with, can you explain to me how Fashionability came about—what was the birth of it?”

Christina: “Welp, I’ve always loved Fashion. It’s always been a passion of mine.”

Christina spoke about how she pulled her inspiration for fashion, wardrobes, and brands from her Mother and Grandmother; both of which were heavenly involved in fashion as well.

As a child Christina had an endless passion for fashion. And now, with a child of her own on her arm and an aspiring dream, Christina decided to go back to school in 2013 to pursue fashion & merchandising. With the skills, experiences, and knowledge she obtained during her period of time in school, she was invited to the coveted Mercedes Benz Fashion Week located in New York City. From there, Christina explained how she rubbed shoulders with extraordinary designers, models, and fashion influencers alike. With the burning passion to dip her foot into the fashion world, Christina decided to launch her own personal styling company called Fashionality.

Christina: “I really am passionate about teaching my clients about brands—quality brands.”

Fashionality, a personal styling consulting company, not only incorporates styling services but styling seminars as well. Christina has on multiple occasions conducted seasonal styling seminars in retail giant stores such as The Loft, Kate Spade, and Macy’s. During the sessions, Christina explains multiple ways of transitioning an k closet from season to season and also discusses the new trends, styles, and colors that are currently in season at the moment.

Christina: “I want them to love the outfits that they’re going out in, but I also want to show them how to turn an outfit from business to casual.”

David: “I agree. I go through my closet, and I’m just like. . . I don’t have anything to wear, or I have the habit of wearing, you know, the same section of my closet.”

Along with the amazing styling sessions Fashionality offers, there are many other services that would be suitable for any person as well…even for Men! Some of the exciting services that Fashionality offers are:

Closet Services which includes a reorganization of your entire closet done by Christina herself. She will reorganize, add, toss, and put together outfits that you usually wouldn’t think of putting together.

Personal Shopping Services, where Christina will tag along with you as you skim through racks of clothing at the mall or any retail store. She will guide you to stores that would best fit your body type, style, and budget and provide suggestions on quality clothing and brands that would best fit your needs.

Travel Styling Services is a service that includes a session of Christina building a styled suitcase and array of clothing for you, which you would use on any up-and-coming trip.

Virtual Styling Services, which is a new service! With virtual styling you can obtain the services of Fashionality without having to leaving your home or office. You will receive the benefits of receiving links of items, brands, and style suggestions from Christina from anywhere at anytime.

Services for Him, which is my favorite! Come on guys, we need a bit of help sometimes as well. With the Services for Him service, Christina will whip together the most dapper, clean-cut, and stylish outfit for any business man, father, or millennial.

And another added feature to Fashionality are Events and Corporate Events Services, which includes a style seminar and mentorship at corporate and non-corporate related offices or venues.

It was truly a pleasure sitting down with Christina to discuss the amazing services Fashionality has to offer. I myself have a few styling sessions with Christina in the near future already planned out 😉 – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor.

Contact Christina Marsico of Fashionality to schedule a consultation and style service today.

Contact: 407-617-2425

Website: Fashionality