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Listen to me when I say ladies and gents, Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining Month here in Orlando Florida is not the time to go on a diet okay. In my opinion, it’s one of the most tasteful, and I mean that literally, cost efficient months in Orlando Florida’s food chain. With the amazing culinary works of the Orlando chefs and natives, adding this very magical month for their frequent guests was simply perfection. Magical Dining Month is a month that begins from August 29th to October 2nd. A list of select restaurants from the Orlando area all participate in offering a specialized menu which includes a 3-course meal for their guest, totaling only $33! Yes, $33! Mind you a 3-course meal on an average day at many of these high-end restaurants would put a hole in average middle class person’s pocket . . . we’re not talking about you Donald Trump! Everyone knows that I love food just as much as I love fashion, so during this particular month, I decided to consume as much carbs as my little…not so little…stomach would allow, which was a lot. I scooped two of my favorite bunch blogger best friends, Orlando Fashion Girl and Annie A-to-Z, and we journeyed off just about every weekend to a new Orlando spot.  img_16621One in particular that I had a southern tooth specifically saved for was Soco on Thornton Park.img_1649img_1650 Soco is located in Downtown Orlando, the heart of Orlando, and offers an array of tasteful Southern delicacies. The restaurant was actually designed by a company called The Gravity, and decided to collaborate with their owners to bring together a combination of southern and urban elements. We all ordered different items on the menu, and decided to nibble on each others plates. Items that were included were the Cornmeal Crisped Oysters, Grilled Meatloaf on Lobster Mashed Potatoes, and some delicious southern home-style Apple Pie. . . even cornbread! img_1658img_1659img_1660Thank you Soco!

View Soco’s entire menu here!

The next magical dining restaurant we stopped by, and this one is one of my favorites, was Hamilton’s Kitchen at The Alfond Inn, located in Winter Park Florida. We brunch here practically every weekend, so it was a must to stop by and see what was on the magical dinning menu. I can assure you, Hamilton’s Kitchen did not disappoint. Items that were included was the amazing Porcini Dusted Filet Mignon—which was my first choice—the delicious Chicken Confit, and for desert the always mouth watering Creme Brûlée. img_1667img_1661And would you believe with all the amazing food we were surrounded around, we completely hadn’t even realized we were sitting mere feet away from an NBA basketball player. I wont say his name to keep his integrity, however I sincerely apologize for not having an ounce of sports knowledge when it comes to most sports and completely ignoring your presence.

View The Alfond Inn’s entire menu here!

The journey through Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining Month hadn’t ended yet however. We decided to take a pit stop at beautiful restaurant located in Baldwin Park in Orlando, called Osprey Tavern. Osprey Tavern is located in the heart of Baldwin Park, and has a decor that would have you firing your interior designer. They offer a raw bar, and even obtain a desert trolley! Yes a desert trolley! img_1666Oh . . . how it took me back to those Harry Potter days. Me and Orlando Fashion Girl had to indulge in a few snacks before we began our 3-course meal of course. The food was elegantly made and prepared, and very authentic with every touch. The brunch menu included a delicious yogurt parfait with honey yogurt, cherry-nut and granola. My favorite, the Crab Cake Benedict, which consisted of yummy crab cakes sided with a side of your choice, and enormous banana waffles, which I so kindly devoured! img_1664img_1663Orlando Fashion Girl couldn’t help but to take a selfie in the restaurant’s amazing decor, and I don’t blame her because I most definitely followed.
img_1665 img_1142
Thank you Orlando! Thank you restaurants! And thank you Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining Month for yet again requiring me to extend my diet for another 6 months! – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor