IMG_0163Oh Cali . . . how I miss you so. Yes, California people, in case you were wondering to what I was referring to. I decided to ditch Central Florida for a while to discover the deep and dark depths of old fashion Hollywood. I decided to take a week’s vacation to discover the world of Los Angeles, and the beautiful things that came along with it. Once I had arrived to California, we checked into our hotel and decided to take a brief tour of the city of Angels! The first stop was Beverly Hills California! We just couldn’t resist it, and decided to stroll along Rodeo Drive, one of the most popular streets in all of California.
It was a sight to see! Luxurious stores and boutiques were scattered throughout the entire strip, from Fendi, Armani, Prada, to Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Of course I fit right in, and decided to do a bit of shopping for myself. We took photos, selfies, and even experienced one of the craziest—greatest—moments of my life. Could you believe as I walked down Rodeo drive, a tour bus slowly passed us by, and the patrons on the bus began screaming at me and my family. They thought I was a celebrity! They really thought me…yes me…was a celebrity. They started screaming and taking photos and even began screaming at my Mom. They probably thought I was Kevin Hart or something. Carrying on, the next day was the day I had been waiting for, we visited Hollywood California. Oh…how I loved Hollywood. We walked along the strip of Hollywood Blvd and watched as the street performers did their daily routines. We stepped on the many stars of celebrities, and of course took a pic standing on top of the most famous star of them all, Michael Jackson.
Later on we decided to hop on a double-decker tour bus and take a tour of the entire city of Hollywood. The tour bus was amazing and took us down many of the famous streets and scenes of LA, as well, it told many stories of how Hollywood became the place it is today. We passed by the Warner Brothers studios, and saw the hills which were decked in mansions and movie star homes.
IMG_0260 IMG_0258
What a sight to see! California was definitely quite a place to go to and remember . . . and who knows, maybe one day my name just might be on one of those stars on Hollywood Blvd 😉 – David Plowden, Mod’s Manor