Seasons 52

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.39.58 AMFor the first time me and a local friend decided to take a trip to Seasons 52 located in Altamonte Springs. I had spotted the luxurious restaurant multiple times, but never had the time to actually sit down and dine for the evening. We had just left the Altamonte Springs Mall, when we decided to try the restaurant out. As we pulled up, my car was valet parked by a very polite gentleman. From there we were seated due to previous reservations we had made. As we entered the restaurant I could smell thScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.40.18 AM e essence of food, since the grill and chef’s cooking table was actually in view for all the guest to see. Once I had taken my seat I first began to scan the menu.   The first thing I noticed about Seasons 52 was it was not your average restaurant. It was in fact more so towards people that were currently on diets. Their food was very healthy in other words, an array of broccoli and filet mignon were there for my choosing. I decided to work with a medium well 12. Oz steak with asparagus and mash potatoes seasoned with peppers. The food actually came fairly quickly, and without a doubt it was devoured even faster. I would recommend Seasons 52 for any person that is currently on a diet and would like to find a more finer and much more quieter and discrete place to indulge in for the evening. – David Plowden, Mods Manor

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