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    Miami Miami Miami, what can I say other than I loved my trip to Miami. My trip to Miami was in celebration of the 21st Birthday, and it was the best way to end my Golden Birthday’s week. I decided to spend the weekend of my Birthday in Miami with just my Family. Once we had arrived we checked into the Hyatt Coral Gables. It was a beautiful hotel, and the way it was designed was inspired by Spain. From the high arch ways and the amazing paintings of Spanish painters. I decided to take a little stroll around the hotel before we began our journey into exploring Miami. Our…

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    The Everglades

    This was my very first time ever in The Everglades. I have heard so much stories of it, but in all the years of being in Florida I have never once gone. I mean, most people aren’t as excited to see snakes and alligators, however I was. I practically had to drag my family to come along. Once we got to the 200 mile long swamp we retrieved our tickets and waited as our Speed boat approached us. Once the captain of the boat began to go, we were going practically 100 miles per hour! Just kidding, but it sure felt like it. My bowler hat almost flew off! Anyways, the…

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    Dinner at The Versace Mansion

    How many times can one say that they’ve eaten at the Versace Mansion! I mean, it’s really a once or twice in a lifetime thing that you do. Gianni Versace’s Mansion was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be. This was my last night in Miami, and to end the weekend off with dinner at the Versace Mansion was simply perfect. I had planned this dinner in advance, since one can not just simply walk into the Versace Mansion, unless they don’t mind being tackled by numerous body guards. The moment I stepped into the Mansion the walls shot up 4 stories high. The foyer was actually outside…

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    Download Latest Versions of Safari Browser for Windows PC Free

    Safari is one the best Apple products which has another specification that will surprise people, it is a freeware. Safari is the web browser developed by Apple, don’t be disappointed, this works pretty good with windows as well. The features that come along with safari is just attracting to the users. Speed is one of the special features of this browser, you might not get a chance to see the loading indicator let alone the buffering ones, the browser is two times faster than the others. The layout is very easy to navigate through, the interface is much more elegant than the others. Safari browser for Windows Download free Latest…

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    Miami Beach’s Hard Rock Cafe

    T his post is actually a combination of Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe on Miami Beach as well as downtown Miami Beach. We were kind of hungry and wanted to take a stroll of Downtown Miami Beach. Once we got there we noticed the many shops as well as the beautiful yachts that were parked in front of the boardwalk. They were elegant, huge, and very much expensive. Once we spotted The Hard Rock Cafe we stopped and had some lunch. It was great as every Hard Rock Cafe usually is. We actually strolled the boardwalk afterwards and even went into a few stores. – David Plowden, Mods Manor

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    21st Birthday

    The big two one! Yup, July 21st was my 21st Birthday, kind’ve ironic as well that the most important birthday of my life landed on an adjacent day. It was meant to be. My 21st birthday was nothing but fun, excitement, and little tiny glasses filled with alcoholic beverages. The day began with a beautiful cake my family got me. We all sang around the cake as normal, I blew out the candles and we devoured it. My cake was a cookies and cream cake, my favorite. After that I had to get dressed and ready as I had reservations at a beautiful restaurant called Kers Steakhouse. I had purchased…

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    Kres Steakhouse

    Kres Steakhouse was a gorgeous restaurant I went to on the night of my Birthday. This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, and was actually not a block away from the club that I was soon to attend once I had finished my meal. Once I sat down at Kres Steakhouse and scanned the menu I knew I was in for a good night. I decided to go with the 16.oz steak, medium well. My appetizer was a sausage peppered soup and a nice loaf of bread. The sides that I chose with my 16.oz steak were mash potatoes and macaroni. However, there was something special about this…

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    5 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android

    In case you’re not an iPhone proprietor but rather still need to get in on the smartphone activity that is thoroughly okay! There are a lot of extraordinary Android phones to look forward to. Be that as it may, Apple’s involvement in portable software still gives them the edge in various areas, and video talking is one of them. FaceTime, iOS’s local video application, is a solid program that has been polished to a shine, and it’s rapidly turning into a bland verb like Xerox. You don’t video talk someone, you FaceTime them. With an Android telephone, however, you can’t. That is what’s awesome about the open commercial center of…

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