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    Christmas 2014

    It’s the best time of the year, meaning Christmas. This year’s Christmas was just like any other. And when I say that I mean procrastination. Yes, I said it, procrastination. My household is filled with procrasinators. Why? Why, because the picture that your are viewing, the one with the ladder. Yes, that was on Christmas Eve. Yes, the day before Christmas. Now I understand that we are all very busy in our day-to-day lives, but this was just crossing the line. We put our tree up on Christmas Eve and attempted to decorate it enough just in time for 6am to hit, the time when everyone wakes up and begins to open  their…

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    Associate Degree’s Graduation

    I recently graduated from Seminole State College with my Associates in Arts degree. This was a big accomplishment for me because I really didn’t want to prolong it. I graduated High School in 2012, so I wanted to make sure that I received my Associates in Arts in 2014 and received my Bachelors in 2016. So far so good, and I am glad that I was able to work hard enough and receive Honors Cum Laude as well, that was a big reward for me as well. Schooling is something that I’ve always made sure I kept up with, even though I do have a life outside of school, I always try…

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    Disney World

    I mean really, who doesn’t love Disney World! Mickey Mouse! All the amazing cartoons! It makes you feel like a kid again, for a moment at least. Me and my friend got the chance to go to Disney World, and the best part was the trip was free! Yes free! Because everyone knows it cost a down payment for a car just to go see a mouse. Anyways, we made our way to Disney World early in the morning. It was a blast. We made sure we went to each Park. Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, which is my favorite because I love Lion King and I was…

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    Pink is Possible

    The Pink is possible Fashion Show was a great show that I had attended. I was invited to the show by one of my very fashion forward friends, Sasha Williams who in fact is an aspiring designer that I had met some time ago.You can check Safashe out at Safashe.wix.com/Fashion. Once I had arrived to the event I had noticed that the venue was decked out in beautiful patterns of pink. The tables were beautifully manicured with pink accents and glasses. Before the fashion show had began, a back drop of photos began to display of all the events that lead up to the fashion show. The fashion show was mainly there to…

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    ​Banana Republic With OrlandoFashionGirl

    One of my dear friends OrlandoFashionGirl, a former Fashion Blogger like myself, was going to do a shoot for Banana Republic located at the Millenia Mall. She informed me of it and I agreed to go. I had brought my camera along with me and the snaps of the camera began. We walked around the store and viewed all of the store’s Winter Collection items. Different fabrics, from hard to soft were on display. Funny thing Is I actually really like Banana Republic and actually shop there all the time, so I was more than pleased when OrlandoFashionGirl had decided to invite me. We had taken some great shots, and she…

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