​Banana Republic With OrlandoFashionGirl

One of my dear friends OrlandoFashionGirl, a former Fashion Blogger like myself, was going to do a shoot for Banana Republic located at the Millenia Mall. She informed me of it and I agreed to go. I had brought my camera along with me and the snaps of the camera began. We walked around the store and viewed all of the store’s Winter Collection items. Different fabrics, from hard to soft were on display. Funny thing Is I actually really like Banana Republic and actually shop there all the time, so I was more than pleased when OrlandoFashionGirl had decided to invite me. We had taken some great shots, and she is such a natural at taking pictures, so it was very easy for me to capture some amazing shots. You can view my article as well on our experience at Banana Republic at David&OFG and you can view OrlandoFashionGirl’s blog at OrlandoFashionGirl.com – David Plowden, Mods Manor DSC_0465DSC_0369DSC_0295DSC_0220DSC_0140DSC_04761 DSC_0298 DSC_0508 DSC_0532